"Reconstructing climate & environment at paleolake Hula (~22-11 ka)"

This study aims to reconstruct the paleoenvironment of Jordan River Dureijat (JRD), an Epipaleolithic (~20-10 ka) site located in the Hula Basin based on palynological analyses. The site is being excavated By Prof. Gonen Sharon from Tel Hai University. The data which will emerge from the palynological investigation will be integrated with other well-preserved environmental proxies from JRD such as geological, sedimentological, ostracod, and isotopic studies. JRD is an ideal location for identifying past vegetation and climatic fluctuations: Excavation exposed a well-defined archaeological and sedimentological stratigraphic sequence documenting the entire Epipaleolithic; preliminary results indicate good pollen preservation; exceptionally preserved plant remains, charcoal, and other datable material are expected to produce a high-resolution paleoenvironmental chronological sequence; and the archaeological horizons document repeated human occupations for a specific task – fishing.

The Epipaleolithic spans from the LGM (Last Glacial Maximum) to the Holocene, a time of dramatic change in human lifeways accompanied by major climatological changes. Reconstruction of the JRD paleoenvironment will enhance our understanding of these changes and their interrelationship in the southern Levant.

Together with:

Prof. Gonen Sharon from Tel Hai University – Director of the excavation

Dr. Steffen Mischke & Ms. Liz Bunin (PhD candidate, University of Iceland - geology, sedimentology and ostracods)

Dr. Daniela Bar-Yosef Mayor (Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University) – molluscs