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​Selected publications at popular media:

Parasite remains from 2700 years old toilet in Jerusalem (January, 2022) - Haaretz, DailyMail

The environmental background to sedentism and agriculture (November, 2021) - Haaretz


6,500 years old pickling factory (February 2021) - Haaretz

The Bonsai Garden of King Herod the Great  (January, 2021) -  The Times / Haaretz


Beginning of olive cultivation (March, 2020) - Haaretz

Human-Flora Connections – the exhibition “Plan(e)T”, Tel Aviv University Art Gallery (January 2020) - Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post

The most important find of ancient Israel? Parasite remains in Jerusalem (April, 2018) – The Times of Israel

Faced with drought, the Pharaohs tried (and failed) to adapt (March, 2018) - New York Times

4,000 years old funerary rituals (September, 2017) – Jerusalem Post

The citrus route revealed: From south east Asia into the Mediterranean (July, 2017) – Live Science, Ancient Near East Today

What does the pollen say? (October, 2013) – New York Times

Climate change and the Late Bronze Age collapse (October, 2013) – New York Times,  National Geographic

The earliest evidence of Etrog (February, 2012) - Haaretz

The secrets of the royal Persian garden at Ramat Rahel, Jerusalem – (February, 2012) – Science Daily,   Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs




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