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*Ancient parasite eggs

The challenge is to ID all these and thousands more like them!

*The anatomical structure of ancient charcoal


Main research areas:

  • Reconstruction of Ancient Near Eastern

      vegetation and climate during

      prehistoric and historic periods.

  • Interrelations between humans and the

      ancient environment, including, amongst

      others, the role of climate in the dispersal

      of hominins Out-of-Africa, the onset of

      plant cultivation and natural vs. cultural landscapes.

  • Archaeobotany – the identification of botanical remains from archaeological contexts (primarily pollen grains and wood-charcoal remains) for the reconstruction of: ancient agriculture, plant usage (construction, fuel, diet, medicinal and cultic purposes), ancient prestigious gardens, trade patterns and wooden implements.

  • Archaeoparasitology – the study of health, diseases and epidemics in ancient human populations based on intestinal parasite remains (mainly eggs). 




*Fossil pollen grains