Welcome to our Lab!


Main research areas:


  • Near Eastern Paleoclimate

  • Archaeobotany of the Southern Levant

  • Palynological-Archaeology



Our lab conducts studies based on the identification of 

micro-botanical remains (such as pollen grains, spores and

parasite remains), as well as macro-botanical remains –

principally wood and charcoal.




This multidisciplinary laboratory tries to address the following research


  • Paleo-environment: The reconstruction of past vegetation and

climate conditions, and tracing evidence of ancient human-environment

relationships, e.g., human migration out of Africa and the beginning of

plant domestication. 


  • Archaeobotany: The identification of botanical remains from

archeological contexts: agricultural practices, diet, plant usage,

ancient gardens, deforestation, plant migration, and wooden implements. 


The challenge is to ID all these and thousands more like them!

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